5 Signs That Your Metal Fence Needs to Be Replaced

Steel, iron, and aluminum are great choices for fencing materials, but even the strongest fences can eventually weaken and need replacement. Proper monitoring and repairs are necessary with the maintenance of any fence but if you notice any of these signs, it may be time to replace your metal fence:

Accidental Damage

If your fence has received significant structural damage from a motor vehicle crash, falling trees, or a weather event, it is time for a new fence. Damaged areas will not only reduce your fence’s structural integrity, they can compromise your personal safety, privacy, and security.


Modern metal fences are often coated with special rust-resistant materials but that doesn’t mean that rust spots don’t appear. It is crucial to identify and immediately repair these spots to prevent the rust from getting out of hand, eating away at your fence, and eventually causing it to crumble apart. Pay careful attention to the joints keeping the fence together. Rusty and corroded joints can cause your fence to weaken and extensive, overall rust throughout your metal fence is a sign that it’s time for a new fence.

Metal Is Severely Bent, Warped, Leaning, or Sagging

Bent areas mean your metal fence has sustained severe damage. You may think bending them back into place is a simple way to repair the damage, but that type of added movement will further weaken the metal. A leaning fence is a serious safety hazard due to its high risk of falling over and injuring someone. As it continues to lean it will also continue to pull down attached fencing materials and nearby structures.

Exposed and Damaged Fasteners

Looking at the screws or nails that are holding your fence together is also an important part of your fence inspection. If your fasteners have developed rust, have begun to stick out from your fence, become worn, or are no longer securing sections of your fence together your fence is at a high risk of falling apart and it is time to replace it.

Deteriorating Welds

Welding produces a strong point of contact and your metal fence likely has welded sections and areas. Unfortunately, rust is most common at these welded metal joints, causing the welds to become weakened and pull apart. Extensive repairs of these welds is difficult and replacement is the better choice.

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If your metal fence has any of the above signs of damage, your fence will probably need to be replaced. One of our highly trained and experienced contractors would be happy to inspect your fence, offer suggestions, and perform the repairs or replacement that you need. With over 20,000 fences installed, you can trust that First Fence will provide you with an excellent service experience and professional outcome. Call us at (770) 214-4235 for a free quote.

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