Aluminum Fencing Options for your Home

How would you describe the perfect fence for your yard? Durable? Long lasting? Low maintenance? Provides safety and security? All of these things describe our premium, powder coated aluminum fence material.  In addition to being a great material in and of itself, aluminum home fencing comes in a variety of style, color, grade, and height options to choose from. We are here to help you design your fence in a way that makes it the absolute perfect one for you.



When we discuss “grade”, we generally mean the strength of the fence material. Our grade options start with Residential, which has the least amount of strength, working up to commercial, then industrial. Depending on your fencing needs and price point, you can choose from these three grade options.

Residential grade is called “residential” because it meets the needs of just about every residential fencing job. It looks great, is acceptable as a pool code compliant fence, and comes with all the durability and low maintenance qualities of any aluminum home fencing on the market.

Our Commercial and Industrial grade products are a step up in strength and security. The rails and posts that make up the commercial grade panels measure a bit smaller all the way around than the industrial grade, thus the industrial grade provides more security than all other aluminum product available. If security is the main reason you wish to fence in to your property, we would suggest considering one of these two grades for more protection.


Our Stock Aluminum Product

We keep aluminum fencing in stock here in the yard for retail and installation sales. It is the most basic style that we offer called the Ascot Series. It has a flat top and comes in a couple of different height and rail options. It is our best seller not only because it is stock, but because it is our lowest priced aluminum fencing product and meets most of our customers needs anyway. If you think this style of fence can suit your needs, you may choose between 4ft, 4.5ft, and 5′ tall. A couple of these options are pool code compliant as well. Check out the following diagrams and you will see what our stock aluminum looks like.

4’ Tall – 3 Rail

4’ Tall – 2 Rail (Pool Code Compliant)

54” Tall – 3 Rail (Pool Code Compliant everywhere except Montgomery County)


5’ Tall – 3 Rail (Pool Code Compliant)


dditional Residential Styles Available

If you are interested in something that is any more interesting than the Ascot Series, you can have it! We are always placing orders with our suppliers, we just have to add your fencing to the list!


All  of Your Options

In this list you will notice that Ascot is one of the flat top options that we offer, but we do not offer the Ascot Royale or Ascot Puppy Picket as an in-stock option. The other two general style options in the flat top category are the Canterbury and Fairmount Series. Each style is more complex than the last with its own unique look and advantages to the design. Notice the puppy pickets designs. There are perfect for keeping in any small critters you have, while the options with only two or three rails are better for containing larger pets that can climb (oh yes. . .  we have been there, done that).

Pictured next are the Belmont and Hamilton Series. Both have open tops that display pressed spears, which can be staggered if you choose.

Finally, our most ornate options; Victoria and Newcastle. You may choose from various spear designs, styles, and choose your pickets to be staggered or not.


Our Aluminum Fencing in Action




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