Celebrating the Dogs of the Frederick Fence Family

Here at Frederick Fence Company dogs are loved by absolutely everyone! It is not uncommon to spot one or two of our families’ pets running up and down the halls or playing together in the showroom.

Last year, Perry and Kelly Orman raised their yellow lab, Huk, in the office from a small puppy until he was ready to go off to hunting school. Now that he is grown, Huk has completed his training and started his hunting carrier with Perry. Check out this photo of their success on their very first hunt together!

Penny, an Irish Setter, is owned by Todd and Laura Powers. She is a frequent visitor to the office. Todd brings her in on days when she is not at puppy Day Care. She loves trotting through the halls to visit everyone and enjoys spending time with Todd in his office.


Our current mascot has been Nora, an ABT puppy owned by Matthew and Laura Braden, who both work in the office. They bring Nora to work everyday since she is still a young puppy. She even has her very own Frederick Fence T-Shirt. You might meet her playing fetch in the showroom, loving on anyone and everyone, or snoozing in her dad’s lap while he works.  Her favorite thing to do when she comes into the office in the morning is run around and greet every one of her friends!


Almost all the other dogs in the Frederick Fence family have been to the office. Check out their photos below along with their names and who they belong to.  Enjoy!

This is Luke and Rory “Red Dog.” They are owned by our founder, Charlie.

The newest addition to the Frederick Fence dog family is Harlow, a sweet little Goldendoodle that was recently adopted by Erica! Isn’t she precious?

This beautiful German Shepherd named Bear is owned by Brody, who used to be a material sales representative, but is now one of our installation sales representatives.


Roxanne Henline is one of our material sales representatives. She owns Hunter and Louie!



Our installation manager owns this playful German Shepherd. His name is Ruger.


Neil, one of our installation sales reps, owns Lily, Bruce, and Ella!

Neil’s Dog Lily

Neil’s Dog Bruce

Neil’s Dog Ella

Khloe is owned by Luther, another member of our sales team!


Justin and his family enjoy the company of Sully, their Labrador puppy.


Our sales manager Bill has Murphy, another lovable Labrador Retriever.

Bill’s Dog Murphy


Kelly and Perry have another dog, a Boxer named Jax.


Perry, Kelly, and their Family

Huk and Penny playingThe post Blog first appeared on Frederick Fence Company.