Damaged Wood Fences: When to Repair and When to Replace

Wood fences provide a beautiful aesthetic to your home or business while also adding privacy, security, and value to your property. A high quality, well-maintained wooden fence of treated lumber can last 20 years or more (spruce for 4-7 years, pine for 5-12 years, and cedar for 15-30 years). However, wooden fencing requires routine maintenance to continue looking great and functioning properly and you may be faced with trying to decide wether to repair or replace. Here are a few pointers from the First Fence of Georgia fencing professionals:

When to Repair Your Wood Fence

Inspect your fence rails, boards, and posts annually to look for signs of splitting, bowing, or rotting, paying special attention to where the fence meets the ground. Splitting (also called or checking) is a natural and not necessarily a cause for concern, but rotten wood and broken boards should be immediately removed and replaced. You should also reseal your fence at least once a year or whenever water begins to soak into the wood rather than beading on its surface.

When to Replace Your Wood Fence

If your wood fence has been hit by a vehicle or falling tree or has been damaged by termites or other pests, a fence replacement is necessary. Here are few other situations where replacement is necessary:

Rotting: A single rotten board can be replaced but if your entire fence is rotted, it may be time to replace it.Leaning: Slight leaning in a single section can be repaired but years of wind, rain and shifting ground can cause your fence to lean, lose strength, and require replacement.Missing and Split Boards: The freeze and thaw cycle and years of exposure to sun and rain can cause wood to split. One or two split or missing boards can be replaced, but if you have several then you should consider replacing your entire fence.Missing and Loose Fasteners: A few screws and nails can fall out over time but if a majority of your fasteners are missing or loose, a full fence replacement may be in order.Costly Repairs: At a certain point, investing in a new fence just makes more financial sense than continually investing money into repairs.

Choose First Fence for Your Wood Fence Repair and Replacement

Whether you are in need of wood fence repair or replacement, First Fence of Georgia is here to help. Partner with the talented fence design and installation team at First Fence of Georgia to turn your vision into a reality. Simply fill out an online form, email, or call us at (770) 214-4235 with any fencing questions you may have or to receive a free quote.

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