Pros and Cons of Using Pressure Treated Lumber for Your Fence

Residential fences provide beauty, character and value to your home. Adding a fence can offer instant privacy and a level of security for children and pets, but it is important to consider several factors before making your investment, including the type of fencing material you wish to use. Pressure treated wood was developed to combat the limitations of natural wood. If you are considering using pressure treated lumber, here are a few factors to consider.


Strong and Durable: Denser than untreated wood products and resistant to scratches and dents, pressure treated lumber is perfect for long-term use.Affordable: Compared to other materials such as stone, concrete, aluminum, or steel, pressure treated wood is typically less expensive. It is also 30 – 40% cheaper than some types of wood, like redwood or cedar.Moisture Resistant: Pressure treated lumber will not soften and slowly decompose like natural wood.Fungal Resistant: Many different types of fungus can feed off the moisture in natural wood and start to grow, while pressure treated lumber is fungal resistant.Insect Resistant: When insects bore into wood the wood can be weakened, eventually causing structural problems. You will have no need to worry about wood-boring or wood-damaging insects with pressure treated lumber.Fire Resistant: One of the most dangerous threats to any type of wood is fire damage. Flame retardant, pressure treated lumber can be used in areas where the risk of fire may be in creased, such as outdoor kitchen, grilling, or fireplace areas.


Chemical risks: The chemical treatment necessary to create pressure-treated wood means you should not use this lumber near your garden due to the increased chance of those chemicals coming into contact with water and food.Warping and Shrinkage: It may take several months for pressure treated wood to dry completely, during which time there will be some warping and shrinkage.Maintenance: Annual staining is necessary to protect the wood from fading, checking, splintering, or turning soft and porous.

Choose the Right Fence Contractor

To ensure a beautiful finished product, it is important to partner with professionals who are knowledgeable about wood fence installation and craftsmanship. Be sure to choose a professional company with plenty of experience; references; and knowledge of state, local, and community building codes as well as specialized tools and experience. At First Fence of Georgia we are are licensed, insured, and have over 15 years of experience installing some of the Atlanta area’s most elegant fences for both residential and commercial properties. Call First Fence of Georgia at 770-214-4235 or contact us through our online form today to begin your wood fencing project.

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