Restoration and Staining Services

Restoration and Staining Services

Wooden fences are great for providing privacy, sheltering an area from wind, and for easily identifying property lines. They are also highly susceptible to warping, rot, and general weathering due to their continual exposure to natures’s elements. When you choose to install an all-wood fence around your home or business, it’s important to keep restoration and staining in mind to protect your investment.

Wooden Fence Restoration

If your fence has begun to look dark and weathered or has damaged areas in need of repair, restoration is a great lower-cost alternative to replacing your fence. Restoration is the “face lift” to any unsightly or damaged areas of the fence that need to be repaired and may include replacing cracked or warped pickets, addressing nail pops and fixing gates. If section repairs are necessary, First Fence is able to match your existing wood using aged lumber that we set aside specifically for this purpose. We use this type of lumber because brand new “wet” lumber can take several weeks to dry out/cure.

Wooden Fence Staining Services

Staining is a crucial part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of wooden fences.

Experts recommend that you use a heavy-duty wood stain that not only works to seal your wood from the effects of the elements, but also helps to beautify it and bring out the richness of the wood. Depending on your climate, experts recommend that stain be reapplied every 2-3 years or whenever water no longer beads up on the finished surface. At First Fence we always clean your fence to remove any dirt, mildew, pollutants, and chalking before staining to protect and beautify the wood.

Trust the Fence Professionals at First Fence

Wood fences need continual upkeep and care to ensure longevity. Regardless of why or how often you choose to restore or reapply stain to your wooden privacy fence, it goes without saying that it’s not worth the hassle and expense of doing it if it’s not done correctly. From installation of a new wooden fence to restoring and staining existing ones, First Fence of Georgia is a full service turnkey fence company that can take care of all your fencing needs. Our team of skilled and helpful technicians will inspect and properly prepare your fence for any repairs or staining using the appropriate process, products, and materials for your fence. Call us today at 770-214-4235 or contact us for your FREE online quote.

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