Spring 2021 is Here!

Did you know that just about every resident in Maryland wakes up on March 1st and realizes they urgently need a fence installed? We didn’t either, but oh boy did we figure that out this year! The spring fencing season has hit fast and hard and we are so excited for it! Thank you to everyone who has already expressed their interest in working with our company. We are looking forward to an eventful season of building fences for our new and returning customers.

That being said, we want to be honest with everyone who comes to us looking for a fence installation. We prefer to lay everything out on the table for you so that you can make the best decision for you and your needs. We wish we could just pull the perfect fence for the perfect price out of our back pocket and give it to you in passing; but wait times and special-order materials make this an impossibility.

Listed below are some of the honest aspects of the spring season that you can expect to see happen.

Winter discounts are discontinued.

For our clients out there looking for ways to save money on fencing, the springtime is not the time to try and do that. Buying a fence during the winter is the most cost-effective option in a number of ways. In addition to the fact that we offer winter discounts, costs for materials are lower during the colder months. If you can, wait to get an estimate in late fall and let us install your fence during the winter. Yes, we do fence installation through the winter.

Wait times for estimates go up.

We were not kidding about the March 1st joke from earlier. Our estimate lead time went from a couple of days to a couple of weeks during just the first week of March. Luckily, we have enlisted the help of 2 new sales representatives! Brody and Daniel joined our team of installation sales representatives just in time for spring fence estimates! Brody used to work in the showroom as a retail sales rep but has decided to come to the dark side of installation instead! Daniel, however, is a brand-new addition to the team. We are convinced he will be a great asset to the company.

Vinyl lead times are improving.

What we have been calling “the vinyl situation” is improving! Meaning we are no longer 4 months out on installing vinyl fencing. Our suppliers are doing everything they can to catch up with the crazy demand the fencing industry has been dealing with since a year ago.  The wait is still longer than stock materials, but only by a couple of weeks!

Wood prices continue to change.

Wood prices are constantly changing and as a result, so are our prices. It can seem unmanageable to change them so often, but we do this ensure the most honest price for our customers. Because of the constant ebb and slow of prices, your sales representative may only offer your quote for a certain amount of time before it becomes void and will need to be repriced. We encourage you to take our guys by their word that the price they give you is the best price we can give!

Installations are timely and efficient.

Our guys can install fences in ANY condition whether freezing cold or blazing hot. With spring being the time for mild temperatures and soft ground, there is no telling what they are capable of! Spring is the time to really dig deep (literally) and get things done! With that in mind, please let our installation team know if your ground is too wet (in your opinion) for us to be on it. The ground is the ground, and fence work can be messy by nature. We cannot guarantee that there will not be a few blades of grass out of place when we are done. If you do not want any disturbances feel free to make the decision to hold off on your installation for a dryer day.

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