Wood and Vinyl Picket Fencing

When you say you want a picket fence, you may not have realized  just how many design options we have available! Everything from material, height, color, picket style and size, and post style are customizable. We want you to feel free to choose from all the options we have to create a fence that will be the perfect solution for. . .

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Wood or Vinyl?

Wood is a wonderful, natural material that you just can’t replicate with anything else. Wood picket fences are slightly more customizable than vinyl as well. There are more picket and post style options available. Our wood material options include pressure treated pine and premium western red cedar. Our treated pine has a life span of about 10-15 years, which is pretty good for a fence! Our cedar, on the other hand, is trusted to last 20 or even 30 years!

Our vinyl material comes into play from a whole different ball game when it comes to lifespan. How would you like to buy a fence that will last for the rest of your life? That is what vinyl will get you! So, depending on your needs and price point, we will be able to guide your decision to the material that is right for you!

Pictured here are very similar picket fence style, but in wood vs. vinyl.

Wood Picket and Post Styles

Before we discuss posts and pickets, let’s differentiate between the two when it comes to this type of fencing. The Posts are the 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ support structures that go into the ground. The rest of the fence is held up by and extends from the posts. Pickets are the smaller vertical pieces that are located in between each post and make up the majority of the fence.


Wood pickets come in a variety of styles. You can change the whole look of your fence just by changing the shape of the picket top. The Williamsburg is basic with its straight smooth top. If you want something more decorative, consider the Fredericktown or Victorian picket. The Seneca is a great “in between” option with its slight dog ear shape.


There are also a variety of post options to choose from. Some of them match the shape of pickets with the same name, but feel free to mix and match to fit your style. The following diagram also shows a couple of different sizes, which serve different purposes for certain fence needs.

Vinyl Picket and Post Styles

There are also picket and post cap style options available to choose from in the vinyl material.   Remember, you will have this fence forever, so be sure to pick something you will most likely love forever!

Space Board Picket

Our space board picket fences do not have any picket caps. Each section of this fence is topped with a horizonal board, which closes off the top of each section.  If you choose a space board picket fence there is no need to choose a picket style, but feel free to decide on whichever post cap you like.

Straight, Dipped, or Arched?

Picket fences can be straight along the top line of each section, dipped in the center, or arched in the center. Both wood and vinyl fences can have these characteristics. You can even customize the amount of dip or arch you would like! Some fences are dipped or arched more than others to create different looks.

Completely Customizable

Our desire is to build the fence you want! Everything in the following list can be customized to fit your specific needs and style. The sky is the limit . . . but not really because most municipalities have a height restriction. 

Fence HeightFence MaterialVinyl colorsWood picket widthVinyl picket width (contemporary or classical)Post sizeRadius of dip or archPicket stylePost cap styleWidth between picketsAmount of space between the ground and the bottom of the pickets


If you’re ready to get an estimate for a fence, call the office at 301-663-4000  and set up an appointment today! We would love to help you build the perfect picket fence.

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