Block Views with Wooden Privacy Fences

As opposed to the many styles (stockade, picket, lattice, post-and-rail, shadow box, scalloped, etc.) of decorative wooden fences where in-fill panels or individual vertical boards are widely spaced or omitted altogether, all wooden privacy fences are designed to block views. Adding a wooden privacy fence to your home or business is a beautiful and functional choice. Create a unique wooden privacy fence for your space by changing up the components and/or lumber options.

3 Basic Components of a Wooden Privacy Fence

Wooden privacy fences generally include three basic components:

Posts: As the foundation for your wooden privacy fence, these (often 4×4 or 6×6) vertical components hold all the other fence components in place, making proper installation and lumber selection crucial.Rails: Horizontally running rails connect one post to the next and provide the attachment points for vertical in-fill panels or boards. Wooden fence styles almost always include top and bottom rails and many also have middle rails.In-Fill Panels or Boards: Vertical in-fill panels or boards are the chief screening component in any wooden privacy fence. As the most visible part of a privacy fence, this component often requires the most maintenance and repair attention.

Lumber Options

Redwood is the most durable wood choice but it is also the most expensive. Pine, fir, and spruce woods are often chosen for their durability and affordability. Cedar and cypress are also excellent choices due to their natural insect-repelling oils. Premium-grade, pressure-treated wood requires a more significant initial investment but reduces maintenance needs. Other commonly chosen lumber options for wooden privacy fences include oak, ipe, teak, and bamboo.

Trust the Professionals at First Fence

From privacy and security to added appeal and an increased home value, the benefits of a wood privacy fence are easy to see—but don’t choose just any installation company! When choosing a fence installer you should verify that they are licensed, insured, and knowledgable of the latest installation standards. With over 15 years of experience installing some of the Atlanta area’s most elegant fences for both residential and commercial properties, you can be sure that you’re in great hands with First Fence of Georgia for all your fencing needs. We offer a variety of fencing options and as the premier fence company in Metro Atlanta, we provide our customers with a strong commitment to an excellent service experience and professional outcome. Our fencing professionals are happy to consult with you to determine which fence type, material, and design works best for you and your project and then install your fence properly for accuracy and longevity. Learn more about creating privacy with a wood fence, call 770-214-4235 or contact us through our online form today.

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