Benefits and Disadvantages of a Vinyl Fence

vinyl fence

If you’re in the market for a new fence, you might be thinking about installing a vinyl fence. But, what exactly is the vinyl fence? This synthetic material is made from plastics, including recycled plastics. Sometimes, the plastics are combined to give them more strength and UV stability. It’s also known as PVC or vinyl fence. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of vinyl fences. Read on for tips from professional fence installers to learn more about this versatile material.

Vinyl fences come in several classic colors and are available in many styles. You can choose between privacy fences with slats that are closely spaced, picket fences with slats that resemble wooden pickets, and even ornamental iron fences with narrow, pointed slats. Most people choose fences that are four to six feet high and have decorative post-caps to add to the look.

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl fences is their durability. Unlike wood, vinyl fences do not easily burn or catch fire. Even if the fence is exposed to extreme heat, it will not catch fire, and you don’t have to worry about stray embers and prolonged fires. Also, vinyl fences are easy to clean. If you choose a high-quality material, the color will not fade or crack over time.

Another benefit of vinyl fences is their environmental benefits. They’re made with ingredients such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are eco-friendly. They use no fossil fuels to produce the material, and release only a minimal amount of carbon dioxide in the process. Vinyl is made from two layers of PVC, the outer layer serving as UV coverage, and the inner layer serves as impact resistance. And because PVC is a recyclable material, you don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint of installing a vinyl fence.

When your vinyl fence is damaged, you’ll have to pay someone else to fix it. Fortunately, the process is relatively easy, and most homeowners can repair their own fences. It’s important to have a professional do the repair. The cost will depend on the type of damage and whether it’s a small hole or a major one. A damaged panel may require replacement of the entire panel, but it can be difficult to find the exact piece if it’s discontinued.

While the labor costs of installing a vinyl fence will vary, it’s a good idea to get a reliable estimate before you start the process. Prices for vinyl fence installation will depend on the type of fence you select and the method of labor used. To get a good estimate, read this guide. Once you’ve gathered the necessary information, contact an Orange County contractor, and ask for a free quote. If you’re a homeowner who’s not sure what to expect from a vinyl fence installation, A G Vinyl Fencing can help you out.

Installing a vinyl fence is not difficult and requires an intermediate level of skills. The panels are generally sold as interlocking kits, which make it easy to install. Installing short picket fences is more straightforward than putting up tall privacy fences. You simply need to anchor pipes into the ground and place the fence posts over the pipes. After this, attach the rails and pickets. Taller fences may require a post-hole digger and quick-set cement.

Chemical and concentrated disinfectants can erode the vinyl surface. Abrasive cleaning tools and chemicals can also dull the material. Instead of chemical cleaners, you should opt for a solution that is made from eco-friendly products. A mild scrubbing utensil can be used to clean the vinyl fence. Another eco-friendly option is vinegar. Vinegar kills dozens of pathogens and is safe for use on the fence.

If privacy is important to you, consider installing a vinyl fence with lattice or picket top accents. A vinyl fence can look traditional or contemporary and still keep out the prying eyes of neighbors. A vinyl fence installation is an excellent choice for your property and can be done at a very affordable price. It’s also one of the most popular materials for fencing, so you should consider getting one. Just make sure you do your research to find the right type of fence for you.

Another advantage of vinyl fence is its durability. Vinyl fences can easily withstand the impact of tree limbs and lawn mowers. Aside from being flexible and durable, vinyl fencing has a steel reinforced bottom rail to avoid sagging and discoloration. It can also resist damage from UV rays and protect the color and sheen for longer. However, a vinyl fence will not last forever if not properly installed. Whether you’re looking for a fence for your yard or just want to improve your property’s curb appeal, you should choose a quality brand.


The Importance of Electrical Fences

An electrical fence is a great way to keep animals, children, and pets safe. It will help keep your property safe. An electrical fence is not only effective but also looks good! The most important part of a fence is the grounding system. The ground rods should be six to eight feet long and placed two to three meters apart from the energizer. They should be connected with galvanized wire and insulated to prevent tripping.


When installing an electric fence, you must take special care in the grounding of the electric system. You should use the insulated cable that runs under gates and is water-tight to do this. It would help if you connected all electrified wires at corners and gates. This will help to increase the voltage throughout the entire fence. It is good to conduct all your wires in one direction and preferably parallel to the ground. Generally, you can find an electric fence energizer on the Internet.
Another important aspect of an electrical fence is the grounding system. Without proper grounding, the full capacity of an energizer can’t be utilized. This is why it’s critical to have the proper spacing between the grounding wires. An electrical fence should have three feet of ground rods for every joule of power output. Once the fence is installed, you will want to use a key switch to turn on and off the power.
The energizer is the power source in an electrical fence. It emits a high-voltage electric jolt every second. The energizer is plugged into an outlet or battery, but some are solar-powered. The fence must be connected at corners and gates to prevent tripping. A key switch will help keep your pet safe. Adding a key switch to your electric fence will make your property safer. It will protect your animals and ensure that you stay safe.
The power source for an electrical fence is an energizer. This device emits a high-voltage electric pulse every second to deter unwanted animals. A wired fence is usually made of steel or aluminum and insulated with an insulator. The energizer is an important component of an electric fence. The energizer will cause an electric shock to the grounding rods during an electrical storm. The voltage will increase as the current is turned on and off.
Using an electrical fence is not a simple task. Creating an electric fence requires a lot of care. It’s important to remember that the wire must be insulated and safe for the animals. This is a very effective way to keep your pet and your home safe. The voltage should be low enough to protect your pets or your house. The energizer should be located at the entrance to your property. The energizer must be located in a safe place where unauthorized people can’t easily reach it.
An electrical fence requires daily checks to keep it safe. The energizer should be placed within a certain distance from the ground rods. If the ground is too close to the ground, the fence will not work properly. Besides the energizer, other parts of an electric fencing system need to be maintained. A properly-maintained fence will ensure your pet’s safety. If the gate isn’t in the proper position, the energizer might fail to work.
A properly installed electric fence has two main components. The energizer is the power source and emits a high-voltage electric jolt every second. The energizer is usually battery-powered or solar-powered. The energizer is a crucial component of any electric fence. In fact, if you have the proper wires, you’ll have less chance of an animal being shocked. You’ll have to make sure that they are all grounded before a wire can be inserted.
When installing an electric fence, make sure that you ground the wires properly. The electric fence will not work properly if the ground isn’t sufficiently grounded. The grounding rods are located below each gate and are essential for the safety of your animals. In addition, the energizer should be placed about eight feet away from the gate. The wiring should be grounded with a metal object such as a tree. A wire that is connected to a tree will not be able to function properly if it is near the tree or ground.


The Importance of Water Pipe Repair

Leaking water pipes can lead to a number of problems, including decreased water pressure, freezing, and ground movement. Regardless of the cause, if you don’t have a proper repair service, your pipes will break down sooner or later. A plumber is a highly qualified professional and can help you get the problem solved in a timely manner. They can fix the problem quickly and efficiently, restoring the flow of water to your home.


One water pipe repair method involves installing a new liner within an existing pipe. This is a common practice offered by several companies and works similarly. A small metal tube is inserted into the damaged pipe, and the resulting resin-impregnated fabric tube is then cured by ultraviolet light, pressurized steam, or hot water. The result is a new plastic piping system within the damaged pipe. However, this method can be messy, and the materials can release chemicals into the air. Workers should also be aware that this process can pose a health risk.

Whether the problem is a minor leak or a more serious problem, water pipe repair can be dangerous. Even a small error could turn a minor leak into a flood. Thankfully, plumbing professionals can solve any problem quickly and efficiently. Taking care of the problem as soon as possible will prevent costly damages from occurring in the future. When you call in a plumbing professional, they will fix the problem as well as prevent future problems from happening.
Bursting pipes can also result in water damage to the home. In some cases, a burst pipe can cause a large amount of damage. A leaking pipe, or a frozen pipe, can make your home unlivable. A water pipe repair expert can quickly restore the flow of water throughout your property, and they will do so using the best quality parts and equipment. A skilled plumber will also use the latest technology and tools to ensure your pipes are fixed correctly.
Water pipes are constantly working, and a broken or frozen pipe will cause no water to flow from your faucets. A water pipe repair professional can quickly restore normalcy in your home, using high-quality parts and the latest technology. A professional plumber will be able to identify the root cause of the problem and fix the problem. They will also provide you with recommendations on how to avoid future bursts. The best plumbing service is one that is reliable and has the experience to fix the problem.
A professional plumber can diagnose and repair a bursting pipe with a variety of methods. It may even be possible to repair a frozen pipe without a problem. Often, a small water leak can cause a large flood if left unattended. A licensed plumber can fix this problem quickly and accurately, restoring water flow and avoiding further problems. With emergency plumbing, a team of qualified technicians can quickly restore normalcy to your home.
A professional plumber will provide the most effective water pipe repair in a timely manner. Water leaking from a broken pipe can lead to an expensive monthly bill. Similarly, a frozen pipe can result in a flood if it is not repaired properly. A licensed plumber will ensure that the pipes are secure and safe. Licensed plumbers are experts at identifying the cause of a broken or frozen water line. These professionals use the latest equipment and best-quality parts to restore the flow of liquid into your home.
If a water pipe has burst, it’s important to call a plumbing service as soon as possible. Having a plumbing emergency is an emergency, and you need to get the problem fixed right away. It’s a major inconvenience and should be fixed as soon as possible by a trained technician. They will use high-quality parts and the latest equipment to ensure that the pipe is functioning correctly. With the help of a water pipe repair professional, you can regain normalcy in your home.
Despite the importance of water pipe repair, it is always advisable to have an experienced plumber deal with any plumbing problem. It is crucial to choose a trustworthy company and avoid trying to fix a problem yourself. Do-it-yourself solutions will only cause more damage in the long run, so hiring a professional is a better option in the long run. The best plumbing companies will offer you a range of services to solve your problem.

How to Restore Rusty Wrought Iron Fencing


There is something about the characteristics of wrought iron that just cannot be mimicked with any other type of fencing. We love and admire these beautiful fences that usually adorn older estates and historic homes. The one drawback to wrought iron is that it is susceptible to rust. Over time, rust can begin to penetrate into the iron and cause aesthetic and integrity problems down the road. Continue below for our do-it-yourself guide to cleaning and restoring your wrought iron to its former glory.



Step 1) Roll up your sleeves.

Cleaning and restoring a rusty fence will require some elbow grease. There will be a lot of manual scrubbing, scraping, and sanding going on here. Getting into every nook and crevice is important in this process. So make sure you are able to pay attention to detail during this process as well. We don’t want to leave any space for rust to reside and begin to grow again. If you want lasting results you will need to take your time and avoid cutting any corners!


Step 2) Remove the rust.

Any loose or peeling paint, chunks of rust, dirt, and grime need to be removed from the surface of the fence. Some tools that would be worth purchasing to help you with this step are steel wool, steel brushes, and sandpaper with differing grits. Using a drill with a wire attachment can make it much easier to cover larger surface areas like the posts and along the rungs. Smaller brushes might be needed to get into the crevices of more ornate styles of fencing. Be sure to penetrate through the entire rust layer. Sand it and buff it out really well to ensure it is totally gone.  Rust is like a cancer that will simply grow back over time if not removed or killed in its entirety.


Step 3) Apply a chemical or natural rust neutralizer.

CRC, Permatex, Rustolium, Gemplers, and Loctite are all common bands that produce rust neutralizers. Look for the best reviews and choose a product you are comfortable using.  If you do not wish to use a chemical-based remover, there are more natural solutions available on the internet. They will all include one or two of the following common household ingredients: lemon juice, white vinegar, borax, baking soda, and salt. Choose one that best suits your needs and go to town! Be sure to follow the directions of each solution carefully as some require a certain amount of time to sit and work into the fencing and then might need to be washed away with soap and water.


Step 4) Paint with rust resistant products.

Not all paint and primer products fight rust, but you can find products on the market that are specifically engineered for the purpose of painting over old rusty fences like these. It is best in this situation to use a primer as well as a paint. Apply at least 2 coats of each to ensure your fence has a strong, lasting, weather and rust resistant coating to see it through the years to come.


Step 5) Give up?

If you just don’t think you have the time and energy to spend restoring your old rusty wrought iron, consider replacing it with a new aluminum fence product. It won’t be quite the same, but we can just about match the style of your current wrought iron fence and guarantee that our powder coated product will give you years and years of rust-free fencing delight!



We would love to walk you through the process of getting a new fence. Call anytime to schedule a free onsite estimate with one of our sales representatives. You can call 301-663-4000 or email our scheduler at [email protected].

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8 Benefits of Pool Fences

Georgia summers can be scorching hot and there is no better relief than jumping in your backyard pool. While they are an easy and convenient way to stay cool at home, pools also pose some safety hazards. A pool fence is a smart addition that adds many benefits to your pool area.

Increased Security and Safety

An average of 3,500 to 4,000 people drown per year in the United States and drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1-4 years old. Pool fences are a necessity if you have young children or anyone who does not know how to swim living or visiting your home.

Added Privacy

Whether you are self-conscious in a bathing suit or simply do not like the idea of your neighbors being able to view your pool area, a pool fence can provide a level of privacy.

Affordable Investment

The price of your pool fence depends on multiple factors, including the size of the pool, the type of fence, and its location, but the cost of adding a fence to your pool area is nothing compared to the cost of losing a precious life.

Custom Options

No matter the size, shape, or materials of your pool, you can find a pool fence to suit your needs and style.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Pool nets and covers require replacement after each use. A pool fence, however, requires almost no effort at all to be effective. A self-latching and self-closing gate with a lock that is located high on the fencing will ensure your pool area is locked and off limits until you are ready to open it.

Adhere to Rules and Laws

Many cities, jurisdictions, and states have laws in place regarding pools and fences. Georgia state law requires fencing around any swimming pool and there are specific details outlined regarding how your safety fence should be built. At First Fence of Georgia we are knowledgable of all these laws so you can rest assured your pool fence will adhere to the proper requirements.

Save on Insurance

A pool fence can often lead to a discount on your homeowners’ insurance and some insurers may even require a fence.

Keep Critters Out

Another benefit to pool fencing is to keep unwanted animals (neighborhood pets or wildlife) out, offering an extra amount of protection for your pool.

Partner with the Pool Fencing Team at First Fence of Georgia

Make sure your pool is fun, relaxing, and safe this summer. Partner with the talented fence design and installation team at First Fence of Georgia to add a fence to your pool area today. Simply fill out an online form, email, or call us at (770) 214-4235 with any fencing questions you may have or to receive a free quote.

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You CAN Install a Fence in Winter!

You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to arrive to have a fence installed! Unless the ground is frozen solid several inches below the surface, fences can be installed in winter. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits to installing a fence during the winter months.

Faster Start Date and Project Duration

Springtime inspires many homeowners to improve their outdoor spaces, including adding fences. This rush means if you want a fence installed in the spring you’ll likely have to wait a while for your fencing company to schedule your project. Winter wait lists are often shorter and project completions are often faster due to crews not being split between multiple ongoing projects.

Less Landscaping Worries

Installing a fence in the winter is much better for your landscaping. Since most trees, shrubs, and plants go dormant in the colder months, they can be trimmed back or even relocated without causing long-term damage. Dormant grass also means your yard won’t be affected as dramatically by equipment and workers.

Cold Weather Seclusion

Unless you are surrounded by evergreens, the trees and shrubs you use to increase your privacy in spring and summer thin out when temperatures start to drop, causing your backyard to look a little bare in winter. A privacy fence can protect you from feeling exposed during the colder months.

Won’t Interfere with Outdoor Activities

Once warm weather arrives, you and your family will want to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Installing a fence during this time will restrict the use of your yard, whereas installing a fence in winter won’t interfere with your outdoor plans.

Why Wait?

Possibly the biggest benefit of all is that by having your fence installed in the winter you will be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces the first moment spring arrives. If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of winter fence installation choose a professional company with plenty of experience and references—First Fence of Georgia. We are knowledgable in state, local, and community building codes and offer a variety of fencing options to match your needs, including wood, steel, aluminum, PVC, and composite. You can get a fence in any season, and there’s no reason to leave winter out. Don’t wait for spring to start your fencing project! Beat the crowd—call or contact us through our online form to get started on your winter fence project today.

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Best Fall Farm Markets in Your Area

Whether you are looking to stock up on seasonal apples, purchase decorations for your front porch, shop for thanksgiving, or fulfill your yearly fall tradition of family pumpkin picking, we’ve got the perfect market recommendation for you! We have centered this list around local family owned businesses that provide high quality local products! This is not an exhaustive list, but we tried to compile options from just about every area of Maryland.


Pleasant Valley Produce (Laytonsville, MD )

Pleasant Valley Produce is a family owned and operated market that stocks the best local and seasonal products. They sell beef that they raise on their farm as well as other meats provided by friends in the area. They stock multiple kinds of baked goods, canned goodies, pumpkins, corn stalks, and apples; everything you could ever need for the fall season. Plus, they have great prices! You will not be disappointed when you go and support a great, hardworking family like this one!


Loudounberry Farm Garden (Leesburg, VA)

From their gorgeous plants to their freakiest pumpkins, this place is a go to for all things fall! They stock local canned goods, poultry, eggs, dairy products, produce, and home décor! You cannot afford to miss this stop on your fall market tour this year!


Cronise Market Place and Mountainside Gardeners (Boonsboro, MD)

Just outside of downtown Boonsboro there sits two small farm markets across the street from each other. Mountainside Gardeners has a variety of plants and pumpkins and also a deli where you can enjoy a delicious sandwich (hot or cold) and some ice cream! Across the way at Cronise Market, they feature plants and pumpkins as well. They also carry local produce and some meat and dairy products.


Butler’s orchard (Germantown, MD)

Look no further than Butler’s Orchard for the BEST FRESH apple cider donuts around! They alone are worth the trip, but you can definitely make an entire day of fall fun out of this stop. Browse the cute décor and local produce to be found in the shop, enjoy the seasonal pick-your-own that they have to offer, and find the biggest and wackiest pumpkins in their pumpkin patch! Make sure to plan for crowds and traffic, because this place is popular to those traveling from near and far!


Lewis Orchard (Dickerson, MD)

This local market grows just about everything themselves! They are also a wholesaler to many other markets, probably some you have visited. You simply can’t beat their delicious white and yellow peaches when they’re in season. They also bake pies and stock a great selection of canned goods.


Larriland Farm (Woodbine, MD)

Larriland is most well know for their pick-you-own. . .  well, everything! Flowers, pumpkins, berries, apples, peaches, tomatoes, and the list goes on! They also have fun activities for kids, making this a wonderful place for families of all ages to join in the fall fun.


Greensburg Farm Market (Hagerstown, MD)

This local market has wonderful displays of all kinds of fall favorites, such as pumpkins, corn stalks, and mums! They also feature a variety of local produce within the store. The plants are definitely the main event at this stop, but take a look inside for all things local and stock up on essential produce while you’re there!


Local Homestead Products LLC (New Windsor, MD)

Local Homestead Products is committed to providing its customers with quality, home raised products that come from nearby farms. The market is home to all the fall favorites you could want in addition to products like local honey, Maryland Maple Syrup, an exclusive line of jams and jellies, glass bottled milk, beef jerky and a long list of the freshest produce! The farm offers a 5acre playground for the kids so you can let them have a great time while you have fun shopping local.


Misty Valley Farms (Cockeysville)

This lovely market is staged in a tent nestled in some really beautiful countryside. It holds just about all the produce and pumpkins you could need. Stop by and check out their vast array of pumpkins from small to large, to enormous! You can also find beautiful mums and local produce to choose from.

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Don’t Make These DIY Fencing Mistakes




Adding a fence to your home can provide safety and privacy while also improving your home’s value. Unfortunately, installing a fence yourself often results in several common mistakes. In addition to choosing to install a fence that suits your home’s needs and your skill level, you’ll want to avoid these pitfalls.


Being Unaware of Legal Restrictions: Property Boundaries and Zoning Laws

There are legal factors and possible ordinances (regarding fence types, styles, sizes, colors, and heights) to consider before adding a fence to your property. Be sure to to have your fence approved by your local zoning office or homeowner’s association and verify your exact property lines before any building begins by having an assessment performed by a licensed surveyor. Building an unapproved or improperly placed fence can lead to you having to move the fence and/or face hefty fines and legal fees.


Incorrect Measurements

Measure your project areas (size and height) multiple times in order to ensure you have the correct amount of materials. Take into account the post holes and any custom cuts you may need to make.


Forgetting to Call the Utility Company

Always call before you dig! Most fence posts require having one-third of their height underground. Digging a fence post hole before calling the local utility company could result in you hitting a pipe or underground wire, causing massive destruction, injury, or death.


Not Securing Fence Posts Correctly

Solid, stable posts must be set deeply (at least two feet into the ground and anchored with concrete or gravel) in order to securely hold up your fence’s panels and rails. Fence posts that aren’t big enough or sunk deep enough will likely lead to fence collapse. Be sure to give the posts time to set properly before hanging your fence panels or rails to prevent leaning.


Ignoring Slopes

Most yards have a slope and even if you can barely see the slope, it can seriously impact your fence’s installation and the final product. Gaps along the bottom of your fence will not only look strange but allow for small children or pets to escape from your yard enclosure.


Improper Gate Placement

Consider the natural flow fo foot traffic when deciding on gate placement. Choose the proper size and quality materials since this part of your fence will receive the most wear-and-tear. Finally, verify that the ground below the gate is level and the gate sits high enough off the ground to allow movement.


Using Poor Quality Materials

Be sure to consider your material options and make sure to purchase your fencing materials from a quality source. Avoid reusing materials or scraps to build your fence since poor quality materials degrade faster and are more likely to become damaged from exposure to the elements.


First Fence of Georgia: Materials and Installation

From DIYers to independent contractors, First Fence of Georgia provides high-quality, affordable fencing materials for any project. We maintain a large inventory of all commonly used fence supply components and will gladly special-order any non-standard fencing material as needed. Need assistance? Our Material Sales Staff can recommend the components and fence supplies you will need for your project. Call (770) 214-4235 or email us today to place your order and we will have it ready for pick-up.






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5 Signs That Your Metal Fence Needs to Be Replaced

Steel, iron, and aluminum are great choices for fencing materials, but even the strongest fences can eventually weaken and need replacement. Proper monitoring and repairs are necessary with the maintenance of any fence but if you notice any of these signs, it may be time to replace your metal fence:

Accidental Damage

If your fence has received significant structural damage from a motor vehicle crash, falling trees, or a weather event, it is time for a new fence. Damaged areas will not only reduce your fence’s structural integrity, they can compromise your personal safety, privacy, and security.


Modern metal fences are often coated with special rust-resistant materials but that doesn’t mean that rust spots don’t appear. It is crucial to identify and immediately repair these spots to prevent the rust from getting out of hand, eating away at your fence, and eventually causing it to crumble apart. Pay careful attention to the joints keeping the fence together. Rusty and corroded joints can cause your fence to weaken and extensive, overall rust throughout your metal fence is a sign that it’s time for a new fence.

Metal Is Severely Bent, Warped, Leaning, or Sagging

Bent areas mean your metal fence has sustained severe damage. You may think bending them back into place is a simple way to repair the damage, but that type of added movement will further weaken the metal. A leaning fence is a serious safety hazard due to its high risk of falling over and injuring someone. As it continues to lean it will also continue to pull down attached fencing materials and nearby structures.

Exposed and Damaged Fasteners

Looking at the screws or nails that are holding your fence together is also an important part of your fence inspection. If your fasteners have developed rust, have begun to stick out from your fence, become worn, or are no longer securing sections of your fence together your fence is at a high risk of falling apart and it is time to replace it.

Deteriorating Welds

Welding produces a strong point of contact and your metal fence likely has welded sections and areas. Unfortunately, rust is most common at these welded metal joints, causing the welds to become weakened and pull apart. Extensive repairs of these welds is difficult and replacement is the better choice.

Trust First Fence of Georgia for All Your Aluminum and Steel Fencing Needs

If your metal fence has any of the above signs of damage, your fence will probably need to be replaced. One of our highly trained and experienced contractors would be happy to inspect your fence, offer suggestions, and perform the repairs or replacement that you need. With over 20,000 fences installed, you can trust that First Fence will provide you with an excellent service experience and professional outcome. Call us at (770) 214-4235 for a free quote.

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Restoration and Staining Services

Restoration and Staining Services

Wooden fences are great for providing privacy, sheltering an area from wind, and for easily identifying property lines. They are also highly susceptible to warping, rot, and general weathering due to their continual exposure to natures’s elements. When you choose to install an all-wood fence around your home or business, it’s important to keep restoration and staining in mind to protect your investment.

Wooden Fence Restoration

If your fence has begun to look dark and weathered or has damaged areas in need of repair, restoration is a great lower-cost alternative to replacing your fence. Restoration is the “face lift” to any unsightly or damaged areas of the fence that need to be repaired and may include replacing cracked or warped pickets, addressing nail pops and fixing gates. If section repairs are necessary, First Fence is able to match your existing wood using aged lumber that we set aside specifically for this purpose. We use this type of lumber because brand new “wet” lumber can take several weeks to dry out/cure.

Wooden Fence Staining Services

Staining is a crucial part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of wooden fences.

Experts recommend that you use a heavy-duty wood stain that not only works to seal your wood from the effects of the elements, but also helps to beautify it and bring out the richness of the wood. Depending on your climate, experts recommend that stain be reapplied every 2-3 years or whenever water no longer beads up on the finished surface. At First Fence we always clean your fence to remove any dirt, mildew, pollutants, and chalking before staining to protect and beautify the wood.

Trust the Fence Professionals at First Fence

Wood fences need continual upkeep and care to ensure longevity. Regardless of why or how often you choose to restore or reapply stain to your wooden privacy fence, it goes without saying that it’s not worth the hassle and expense of doing it if it’s not done correctly. From installation of a new wooden fence to restoring and staining existing ones, First Fence of Georgia is a full service turnkey fence company that can take care of all your fencing needs. Our team of skilled and helpful technicians will inspect and properly prepare your fence for any repairs or staining using the appropriate process, products, and materials for your fence. Call us today at 770-214-4235 or contact us for your FREE online quote.

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