Decorative Fencing: More Than Just a Pretty Face


If you’re a home or business owner, you probably already know how important curb appeal is in helping to establish the first impression your property gives off to the people who visit. It not only beautifies the exterior, but it helps to make your property look inviting and well-maintained. In addition, great curb appeal can also make a business look established, credible, and trustworthy. That’s why when the time comes to consider a fence or barrier for your Atlanta-area home or business, few things make a statement like a professionally-installed decorative fence makes.

A decorative or ornamental fence gives off an air of opulence and status, and cranks the luxury factor up a notch on your home or business.


Beautiful and Durable

Available in a variety of designs and materials to suit your property, budget, and style preference, a professionally-installed decorative fence can be as unique as you’d like while also maintaining its beauty and durability. Whether you opt for a decorative fence made of wood, vinyl-coated galvanized steel, PVC, aluminum, brick, stone, iron, or any combination of such, it’s important to settle on materials that can stand up to Atlanta’s wide range of seasonal temperatures and weather conditions. From the sweltering heat and torrential downpours of summer, to winter’s sub-freezing temps, snow, and ice, the fence professionals at First Fence of Georgia can help you select the decorative fence of your dreams that also requires little to no maintenance.


Form and Function

Besides the aesthetic-enhancing reasons, a decorative fence still makes the standard statement that a fence is supposed to make. Despite its name, a decorative fence isn’t just for decoration. It provides a clear and present boundary between your property and the outside world. Not only does it keep uninvited visitors out of your space, but it also helps provide safety, security, and privacy for the people within the boundary. Most decorative fence styles also allow for clear sightlines and greater visibility, so it won’t disrupt the aesthetics of your property’s design plan.


Trust an Experienced Fencing Contractor

Whether it’s a standard, traditional chain link or wooden privacy fence, or a more elaborate decorative fence, First Fence of Georgia has the skill, competitive pricing, and world-class service Atlanta-area home and business owners desire. With nearly two decades of experience serving metro Atlanta, First Fence has successfully installed over 20,000 fences of all types and sizes. Browse our gallery of beautiful fences to see our handiwork or to gather ideas for your specific fencing project, then contact one of our professional consultants to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss the fence of your dreams!


We look forward to serving you!

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