Different Types of Fence Styles

The first option you have in terms of fence types is to go with a chain link. It provides excellent privacy, but it can be unattractive if put up in an inappropriate place. Chain link has a neat, clean look that blends into almost any surroundings. However, if you live in an area where there are many twigs, weeds, and other objects that want to be hidden under the ground, this option isn’t ideal. It might not even be practical in some cases.

Another type of fence that is widely used in a lot of private residences is vinyl fencing. These fences offer a lot of conveniences as well as good security. Vinyl fences are quite durable, which means that they will probably last for a long time. They are also easy to install and can provide a very attractive design to any yard. You can find vinyl fences in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

fence types

Wooden fences offer a nice appearance, but they don’t last nearly as long as other fence types. It can be expensive to have your wooden fence replaced, so many people opt for the cheaper vinyl option. If you have a large garden or yard that’s just a bit outside of your home, then you might consider getting a wood fence. It can add a bit of privacy to your yard, but it won’t rust, break, or deteriorate.

Fences come in different types, colors, and designs. One of the more popular types of fence is a three-foot chain link. This is probably the most common of the different types of fences available. It’s usually put on a side-by-side style, with one end fenced in and the other open. You might also be able to find this fence with a post or picket fence design.

Vinyl fencing is another option that is quite popular. It’s usually put on a row or two along the perimeter of a property, with each end fenced in. Because this type of fencing is quite solid, it can be an excellent choice if you are trying to secure a small area. The only downside to vinyl is that it can be expensive to install, but if you have the funds to invest, this could be a great way to give your yard fencing options.

Chain link and wood fences can also be an option for someone who wants a more traditional fence and does not want to have to deal with the typical chain link or wooden fences. These fence styles are quite common in both commercial and residential areas. They are usually painted a white color, although they do stain well and look good at all times.

A few years ago, the most popular option was to use vinyl as a privacy fence, with a chain link style crossing above it. You could get a lot of bang for your buck by doing this, as they are very affordable, and easy to install. However, they do require a lot of maintenance, as these old fences rust and need to be replaced. Vinyl is also very susceptible to weather damage, such as ice and rain damaging the posts.

If you want to go with the tried and true aluminum option, then there are many great brands available. Aluminum is the most durable fence material you can purchase and has an excellent look to it, which some people prefer. This fencing style also requires little maintenance and is easy to install, but some feel that aluminum is too prone to rusting and snapping when the fence is touched. This style can be costly, though, and this is why many opt to choose wrought iron.