Summer Home Improvement Projects for the Weekend

Hey y’all! Have you seen the weather forecast for this week? I think we can officially say it’s summertime! One of the many things that Summer is great for is home improvement projects. In fact, it can be the absolute best time to get things done, indoors or out. You might be reading this and already thinking of a few things you would like to accomplish! If you are like the rest of us, you could use a little inspiration or encouragement to get you going. And that is why we are here today. Take a look at some of the ideas we have compiled. These are projects that will not only make your home look and feel great but add value as well! We tried to stick with ones that could be completed in a weekend, because we all want to save those sick days for the summer vacations we have planned!


Interior Projects

Paint or stain your kitchen cabinets– This project is very hands on and requires meticulous work. Each step must be done correctly in order to have a clean and professional finished product, especially when using paint. It is

totally worth the effort in the end though!

Add or replace kitchen backsplash– You can change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen with this one alteration.

Connect your most used lights to Alexa using smart switches– You will be glad you did this one! No need to get up to turn off all the lights in the house!

Add a security system to your home– Have you been longing to sleep a little more peacefully at night or take a vacation without having to worry about leaving your home unguarded? Put that to an end in just one weekend by adding a security system that works for you!

Paint a room– Pick that one room that needs it the most! Go all out and shop for new curtains and décor to finish the look!

Upgrade bathroom fixtures or vanity– Wouldn’t you like to be rid of your

leaky faucet or outdated fixtures?

Pick a purging project- It could be your mail that has piled up, your child’s toy room, or your closet! Your local goodwill will be glad to see you!

Install a ceiling fan or 2- Adding ceiling fans in the bedrooms of your home can really add value if you do not already have them.

Build  a DIY coffee or entryway table– Pinterest is filled with step by step tutorials on how to make different styles of tables. You are bound to find one you like that you can create at home!

Install a smart thermostat– Save energy and hassle with this automatic, anywhere you go option!


Exterior Projects

Build a fire pit– Nothing says “Summer” like evenings spent around a fire with

family and friends! Don’t forget the smores!

Landscape– Consider adding a walkway, a few trees or bushes, or maybe an entire new garden!

Replace your outdoor light fixtures- Improve the ambiance and the look of your exterior by updating the lights!

Regrout between patio pavers– This can be easier than you think depending on the product you choose!

Power wash exterior walls, patio, or deck- You could piggyback the regrouting onto this project! Power washing can make a huge difference to the

overall looks of your entire property!

Clean the gutters- Yes. Just do it. Don’t think, just grab that ladder and go to work! You will be glad when it is over.

Add, repair, or replace fencing- Of course! This is a fence company website after all! Considering doing it yourself if it is a small enough project. We may have the fencing materials you need in stock here at our location in Frederick.





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