7 Reasons you Should Consider Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing might not be the most aesthetic style that we offer, but it has almost every other important trait to its advantage. Beauty isn’t everything; especially when you consider the other qualities this fencing has, such as durability and low maintenance. Continue below to learn all our reasons for considering chain link to be one of the most practical fencing options.

1. Quick Installation – Chain link can be installed quicker than any other type of fencing. The posts are much smaller than any wood or vinyl posts, which saves time on digging the holes. Chain link posts are also round and more durably than square aluminum post, so they are installed much more efficiently without running the risk of damage to the posts. All that’s left to do after the posts are installed is unroll the chain link wiring, stretch it, and attached it!

2. Strength – The twisted steel wire design of the chain link fence makes it extremely durable and strong. If you have ever climbed (or tried to climb) a chain link fence as a kid, you understand how tough they are. The strength of chain link makes it an especially great option for dog fencing. It can also be a great barrier for keeping other unwanted animals out of your yard.

3. Color variety – Chain link comes in either galvanized, black, brown, or green. Color options may vary due to the time of year, but currently our chain link is our most consistently available material we have to offer.

4. Height Flexibility – You can basically be as precise as you wish with the height of your chain link fence. It comes in a few different heights, but the wire can always be cut down to whatever height you choose, down to the inches.

5. Security – Chain link is the favorite fencing option when it comes to security. It can be improved with additional security features to prevent any one or anything climbing over or under the fence like barbed wire, coil wire, or bottom railing.

6. Easy Repair – Even though chain link is connected down entire lines, it is extremely simple to just cut out damaged sections in order to replace them with a new one. Unlike with wood or other materials, chain link almost never changes, so you can sure that the repaired sections will match.

7. Low Maintenance – Chain link fencing will essentially take care of itself. There is no painting or staining necessary. It is not even practical to try and clean it. The vinyl coating that comes on the black, green, and brown options protects the inside from rust and deterioration. While the galvanized steel is simply resistant to rust naturally. Chain link fencing is also resistant to different kinds of pests and creatures that can destroy wood materials.

Chain link has its shortcomings when it comes to looks and style versatility. However, if you are looking for a fence that will effectively suit your needs for safety, maintenance, and strength, you might want to reconsider the idea that chain link might be just what you need.

The post Blog first appeared on Frederick Fence Company.