7 Ways to Make Your Small Yard Feel Bigger

We understand that a big yard just isn’t possible or practical for everyone, but we are here to let you know that you can make a wonderful space for any purpose! You just have to get a little creative. We have done some of the work by providing these tips that you can apply to your small space.


Create levels and defined areas

Adding multiple levels to your space will help create definition and variety, which makes the space feel bigger. It does not have to be much; a 12” difference or so will do nicely to create this illusion. An example of this could be making a step-down to a level that is used for your fire pit or a slightly raised porch off the back of your home that extends into the back yard, used for dining or entertaining.


Use containers for gardening

It can be difficult to put your green thumb to use in a small space without taking up the entire area as ground gardens tend to do. Get creative with your planting by using anything and everything as a garden container to keep it downsized. Consider possible options like traditional pots, fruit crates, old tires, galvanized tubs,  and cut out tree logs!

Use less furniture

Open space is your friend in a small yard if you want to create a larger feel. Downsize on all furniture when possible. Choose a style of chairs and table that are just big enough to suit your needs. Try considering how you can incorporate the natural landscape into additional seating options. Large stones, retaining walls, and steps can all serve as extra seating for entertaining large parties when necessary. If you have enough garage or basement storage space, consider purchasing foldable tables and chairs that can be stashed away when not in use.

Maximize available space

Consider every possible option of how and where your yard can be expanded. Do you have any side yard space? Extra space in the very back? A broken down shed you no longer need? Maybe a playset that has no use anymore?

Go vertical

There are countless ways to make this happen in your space. Hanging gardens and garden walls have become very popular. Pick out décor that is tall and narrow, rather than wide. Consider hanging art pieces on the back of your house. This will bring the focal point higher and give the look of more open space.

Add interesting features

Create focal points using effective, carefully chosen features that will give you and your guests things to look at. Adding interest this way makes the space feel like it has more in it, and therefore bigger.  Interesting features could be objects that create ambiance like candles, fountains or other water features, lights, colorful curtains or artwork. Consider constructing a small pergola or archway.

Steer clear of high walls and privacy fencing

Anything that closes the space in will make it feel smaller. If you have a decent view outside of your yard, go for a fence that is lower to the ground and less private. Wood/vinyl picket and ornamental aluminum are great choices that will add to the atmosphere of you yard without closing in the space too much.


The post Blog first appeared on Frederick Fence Company.