Beat the Heat this Summer with these Backyard Activates for Kids!


Every year, we long for warmer weather, but now that it is finally Summer we find ourselves looking for ways to cool ourselves off! It can be especially hard on kids who should not be out in the heat for too long, but that get bored or drive you crazy by being in the house all day. We suggest you take advantage of some of the ideas below that can provide some fun and relief from the heat right in your own back yard!



Water Blob Fun!

With just a few materials purchased from your local hardware store you can create your very own water blob for your kids to enjoy! The tutorial on how to make a water blob can be found here. Fill it with cold water and it will be just the thing to keep your kids occupied and cool this summer.



Water-gun Games!

Use squirt guns or pray bottles in the place of tagging and let your kids enjoy a little competition while getting soaked! Here is a list of some games that would work well in this way:

Freeze tagHide and seekBlindman’s BluffSharks and Mino’s (Out of water)Duck, Duck, Goose (use a bucket of water instead of a water gun)


Water Obstacle Course

Set up a sprinkler, fill some water balloons, fill a kiddie pool or two and get creative with a fun obstacle course through the yard! Use anything and everything you have to make it interesting. Create tasks for your kids to perform at certain watery locations; for example: 10 hops under the sprinkler, and so on!


Icey Excavation Project

Fill a container with water a third or so at a time (size depends on the size of your freezer), place toys throughout, and freeze each layer before adding more! Let the kids either chip away with tools or spray with water to melt the ice and reveal each toy!  You could make it more fun by choosing a theme such as dinosaur, ocean, or trucks! Using new toys for your kids to excavate and later enjoy once the ice is gone will make it extra special for them as well.


Kiddie Pool Kickball

Use Kiddie pools in the place of bases! Your kids will love the game along with making a splash each time they reach a base! For even more fun, make home plate a slip and slide!


Water Filled Sensory Bin

This activity is perfect for keeping toddlers busy. Simply fill a shallow bin with water (and bubbles if you choose) and the objects of your choice! The possibilities are endless with this project. Try to choose objects of different sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and materials for your toddler to discover and enjoy!



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