Secure Your Business with High-Security Commercial Fencing

Property fences of all kinds provide a level of security for homes and businesses, but some businesses need a higher level of security. In addition to creating a physical barrier, adding high-security commercial fencing to your business or organization can also provide:

Privacy: If you are handling valuable inventory or needing to shield the movements of your employees or patrons, a high-security fence can protect your facility from prying eyes.Access control: By only allowing authorized personnel into secured areas you are reducing the possibility of your assets being damaged or stolen while also keeping people safe from any hazards that may be present.Safety: High-security fencing will make your employees and guests feel safe while working or visiting your business.

Systems and Design

Security fences are typically 72″ or higher, unless restricted by local codes. They also incorporate pickets, barbed wire, or razor ribbon at the top and use very few (if any) horizontal rails to deter climbers. No two systems are the same and can be customized to meet your exact specifications and site specific details. At First Fence of Georgia we are experienced with precast concrete walls, louvered panel fencing, anti-climb chain link fence, anti-crash, and steel ornamental systems which require a variety of installation procedures and construction methods.

Secure Your Investment

High-security commercial fencing is a smart investment that creates a secure, controlled area on your property and protects your bottom line. Don’t trust just any fencing company to handle your high-security fence project! At First Fence of Georgia we know how to properly manage and administer commercial projects and are familiar with the qualities specific to these types of projects including:

Extensive inventoryCoordinating with project managers and associated tradesMeeting insurance requirementsCertified payroll and Davis Bacon wagesDraw schedules and retainageEnhanced bonding capacity

Trust the Best!

Trust First Fence of Georgia, the best fence design and installation company in metro Atlanta, to handle your project. We assist in the planning, design and construction of all types of commercial, industrial, and government fence projects throughout the

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