First Fence is Ready to Help You with All Your Spring Fencing Needs

Now that winter is over and spring is here, it is the perfect time to perform an assessment of your yard and fence. By identifying problems that may have popped up over the winter you can create an action plan for repairs and replacements.

Springtime is the Perfect Time for New Fences, Repairs, and Replacements

Not only is spring weather ideal for new fence installations, repairs, and replacements, it is also the optimum time for getting ahead of the summer rush. Everyone wants their fences to be in top shape when summer rolls around, making summer the busiest time of year for most fencing companies. By having your fence installed, repaired, or replaced in the spring, you will beat the rush and be able to enjoy it all summer long.

First Fence Services

Residential: At First Fence of Georgia, we specialize in metro Atlanta residential fence installations including yard fences, pool fences and privacy fences. Whether you need a fence to secure your yard, establish a boundary or keep your family and pets safe, we can install it for you.Commercial: First Fence of Georgia assists in the planning, design and construction of all types of commercial, industrial, and government fence projects throughout the Southeast. Our list of customers includes general contractors, multi-family developments, businesses, schools, public utilities, and airports, as well as several city, county, and federal agencies.Materials: At First Fence of Georgia we are happy to provide fencing materials to DIYers as well as independent contractors. We maintain a large inventory of all commonly used fence supply components and will gladly special-order any non-standard fencing material as needed.Staining and Restoration: First Fence of Georgia has installed over 20,000 fences throughout metro Atlanta and these fences need continual upkeep and care to ensure their longevity. From initial and follow-up staining to repairs and restorations, First Fence offers multiple preservation options to keep all fences in their best condition.

Choose Superior Craftsmanship, Safety, and Security—Choose First Fence!

Choosing the right company for your metro Atlanta fence design and installation is an important decision. First Fence of Georgia consultants are knowledgeable, professional and will help you to feel confident you are making the right fencing choice for your yard and needs. Spring is here! It’s time to call (770) 214-4235 or contact us through our online form to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. Our consultant will then visit your property, review fencing options, and provide you with a written proposal.

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