Planning and Creating Your Perfect Wood Fence

Low maintenance, long-lasting wood fences are a popular choice for many home and business owners due to their beautiful, natural style. The possibilities are endless to suit your specific needs, but as with any fencing project, there are many factors to consider before you begin.

Determine Your Fence’s Function

From defining a property line and limiting access to creating visual privacy, the most important thing to consider is how you plan to use your enclosed space. Are you needing to keep pets and kids in your yard? Do you want to create an entertainment area? Is pool safety your primary concern? After you determine your fence’s function, you will be able to more easily choose the exact specifications for your project.

Materials and Finishes

There are not any weather-proof or maintenance-free woods, so it is important to be knowledgeable about wood types in order to better understand their maintenance needs. Popular choices in the metro Atlanta area include pine, redwood, cedar, and bamboo, as well as several treated wood options. You should also consider adding a protective UV finish, stain, or paint to reduce weathering due to wind, rain, heat, and light.


The most popular types of wood fences in Atlanta are picket, split rail, and privacy. Picket fences are considered a friendly way to create boundaries and are popular in urban and suburban areas. Split rail fences offer a more rustic look with natural, unfinished logs used in place of posts and are better suited to rural areas and larger properties. Privacy fences give you a sense of a separate space by offering very little spacing between slats. This type of wood fence in common in suburban and urban areas where people are seeking more privacy from their neighbors, passersby, or if they are located on a busy road.

Additional Factors to Consider

Beyond materials, finishes, and styles, you should consider factors like utility, pathway, and gate access; natural landmarks and terrain details; and possible wind and water  problems. You should also consider your neighbors and your property line when choosing your new wood fence. In some instances you may be required to share the details of your fence project with your neighbors or HOA, but otherwise you may want to share your plans with your neighbors out of kindness.

Trust First Fence of Georgia with Your Wood Fencing Project

To ensure a beautiful finished product, it is important to partner with professionals who are knowledgeable about wood fence installation and craftsmanship. At First Fence of Georgia we are are licensed, insured, and have over 15 years of experience installing some of the Atlanta area’s most elegant fences for both residential and commercial properties. Call First Fence of Georgia at 770-214-4235 or contact us through our online form today to begin your wood fencing project.

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