Wood and Vinyl Picket Fencing

When you say you want a picket fence, you may not have realized  just how many design options we have available! Everything from material, height, color, picket style and size, and post style are customizable. We want you to feel free to choose from all the options we have to create a fence that will be the perfect solution for. . .

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Wood or Vinyl?

Wood is a wonderful, natural material that you just can’t replicate with anything else. Wood picket fences are slightly more customizable than vinyl as well. There are more picket and post style options available. Our wood material options include pressure treated pine and premium western red cedar. Our treated pine has a life span of about 10-15 years, which is pretty good for a fence! Our cedar, on the other hand, is trusted to last 20 or even 30 years!

Our vinyl material comes into play from a whole different ball game when it comes to lifespan. How would you like to buy a fence that will last for the rest of your life? That is what vinyl will get you! So, depending on your needs and price point, we will be able to guide your decision to the material that is right for you!

Pictured here are very similar picket fence style, but in wood vs. vinyl.

Wood Picket and Post Styles

Before we discuss posts and pickets, let’s differentiate between the two when it comes to this type of fencing. The Posts are the 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ support structures that go into the ground. The rest of the fence is held up by and extends from the posts. Pickets are the smaller vertical pieces that are located in between each post and make up the majority of the fence.


Wood pickets come in a variety of styles. You can change the whole look of your fence just by changing the shape of the picket top. The Williamsburg is basic with its straight smooth top. If you want something more decorative, consider the Fredericktown or Victorian picket. The Seneca is a great “in between” option with its slight dog ear shape.


There are also a variety of post options to choose from. Some of them match the shape of pickets with the same name, but feel free to mix and match to fit your style. The following diagram also shows a couple of different sizes, which serve different purposes for certain fence needs.

Vinyl Picket and Post Styles

There are also picket and post cap style options available to choose from in the vinyl material.   Remember, you will have this fence forever, so be sure to pick something you will most likely love forever!

Space Board Picket

Our space board picket fences do not have any picket caps. Each section of this fence is topped with a horizonal board, which closes off the top of each section.  If you choose a space board picket fence there is no need to choose a picket style, but feel free to decide on whichever post cap you like.

Straight, Dipped, or Arched?

Picket fences can be straight along the top line of each section, dipped in the center, or arched in the center. Both wood and vinyl fences can have these characteristics. You can even customize the amount of dip or arch you would like! Some fences are dipped or arched more than others to create different looks.

Completely Customizable

Our desire is to build the fence you want! Everything in the following list can be customized to fit your specific needs and style. The sky is the limit . . . but not really because most municipalities have a height restriction. 

Fence HeightFence MaterialVinyl colorsWood picket widthVinyl picket width (contemporary or classical)Post sizeRadius of dip or archPicket stylePost cap styleWidth between picketsAmount of space between the ground and the bottom of the pickets


If you’re ready to get an estimate for a fence, call the office at 301-663-4000  and set up an appointment today! We would love to help you build the perfect picket fence.

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Gutter Repair Cost – Don’t Try to Fix the Leak Without Gutter Repair

If you are like most homeowners, you hate gutter repair. Not only is the process tedious and expensive, but your gutters are also at high risk for failure. While gutters may be one of the oldest drainage methods, they have fallen out of favor for many reasons. But if you don’t address gutter damage and it doesn’t happen soon enough, it could end up costing you more money than you saved by fixing them in the first place. It’s better to call Roof Company to avoid the issue.

gutter repair

The primary function of a gutter system is to channel rainwater away from your home. A properly functioning system will keep water away from the foundation and keep it away from seeping through your roofing tiles. If your gutters are clogged, that’s when water can get behind your roofing tiles and cause roof damage. The expense of gutter repair pales in comparison to the potential costs a failing system could cause. Here are some more tips that will help you avoid roofing repair and gutter repair costs:

Homeowners often hire roofers without realizing the full extent of the damage. Sometimes the roofers go straight into the attic, cutting into the ceiling. In other cases, the roofers cut into the attic and disturb the contents, leading to mold and structural issues. It is important to work with experienced, well-trained roofing contractors to prevent this problem. You’ll also want to check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring a roofer to make sure that they’ve removed any complaints against them.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their gutters. They follow the gutter maintenance schedule as set by their roofing contractor. While this can be helpful in the sense that you won’t have to come up with creative gutter repair solutions independently, there are better ways to handle routine maintenance. Avoid costly roof repairs by paying attention to the details of your roof.

Gutters should be inspected at least once a year, but that doesn’t mean you need to schedule an inspection every month. It is best to get the job done once a year so that you can have the most accurate estimates and prices for gutter repair. Most companies charge an estimate based on the average cost of a square foot of gutter protection. If you want to know the average cost of repairs, contact several companies and get price quotes. However, you should also consider the time required to complete the repairs. If your gutter repair requires a complex installation, you may be required to have the job done in less than a day.

The best way to compare estimates for gutter repair and gutter replacement is to ask for quotes from several contractors. This will allow you to compare the average costs over the course of a year. Don’t forget to factor in installation costs when evaluating the estimates. You may be required to hire a professional to install the shingles, so you need to factor that into the equation as well.

The average cost of repairs is lower when you fix the damages yourself. In most cases, you can fix most small issues yourself without hiring a gutter repair company. For larger water damage issues, it is best to hire a professional company to deal with them. They will use special tools, materials, and equipment to help repair your roof. Additionally, they will tell you if there are more serious issues that could have been prevented by fixing the issue properly in the first place.

Hiring a professional gutter and roofing repair company to fix the leaking roof on your house can be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, if you are prepared to do a little bit of work yourself, you can save a lot of money. Just be sure that you don’t try to fix a bigger problem that could require a contractor.

Different Types of Fence Styles

The first option you have in terms of fence types is to go with a chain link. It provides excellent privacy, but it can be unattractive if put up in an inappropriate place. Chain link has a neat, clean look that blends into almost any surroundings. However, if you live in an area where there are many twigs, weeds, and other objects that want to be hidden under the ground, this option isn’t ideal. It might not even be practical in some cases.

Another type of fence that is widely used in a lot of private residences is vinyl fencing. These fences offer a lot of conveniences as well as good security. Vinyl fences are quite durable, which means that they will probably last for a long time. They are also easy to install and can provide a very attractive design to any yard. You can find vinyl fences in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

fence types

Wooden fences offer a nice appearance, but they don’t last nearly as long as other fence types. It can be expensive to have your wooden fence replaced, so many people opt for the cheaper vinyl option. If you have a large garden or yard that’s just a bit outside of your home, then you might consider getting a wood fence. It can add a bit of privacy to your yard, but it won’t rust, break, or deteriorate.

Fences come in different types, colors, and designs. One of the more popular types of fence is a three-foot chain link. This is probably the most common of the different types of fences available. It’s usually put on a side-by-side style, with one end fenced in and the other open. You might also be able to find this fence with a post or picket fence design.

Vinyl fencing is another option that is quite popular. It’s usually put on a row or two along the perimeter of a property, with each end fenced in. Because this type of fencing is quite solid, it can be an excellent choice if you are trying to secure a small area. The only downside to vinyl is that it can be expensive to install, but if you have the funds to invest, this could be a great way to give your yard fencing options.

Chain link and wood fences can also be an option for someone who wants a more traditional fence and does not want to have to deal with the typical chain link or wooden fences. These fence styles are quite common in both commercial and residential areas. They are usually painted a white color, although they do stain well and look good at all times.

A few years ago, the most popular option was to use vinyl as a privacy fence, with a chain link style crossing above it. You could get a lot of bang for your buck by doing this, as they are very affordable, and easy to install. However, they do require a lot of maintenance, as these old fences rust and need to be replaced. Vinyl is also very susceptible to weather damage, such as ice and rain damaging the posts.

If you want to go with the tried and true aluminum option, then there are many great brands available. Aluminum is the most durable fence material you can purchase and has an excellent look to it, which some people prefer. This fencing style also requires little maintenance and is easy to install, but some feel that aluminum is too prone to rusting and snapping when the fence is touched. This style can be costly, though, and this is why many opt to choose wrought iron.